Offsite Records Storage

Page last updated: 4/13/18

Sending New Boxes To Offsite Storage

When you run outRecords storage box with barcode label position of storage space in your department, it's time to box up impermanent, inactive (non-current) hard copy records and send them to offsite storage. (For documents that may have historical value, please contact Archives.)

Order storage boxes from Staples. Only standard one cubic foot size (10" x 12" x 15") will be accepted. Affix the barcode label on the front of the box as shown in the picture - about halfway between the lower lip of the box lid and the bottom of the box.

Order your barcode labels from the Office of Records and Information Management. These labels are provided by the offsite storage vendor and should not be used for any other purpose.

  1. Order supplies - boxes and barcode labels.
  2. Organize and arrange records in boxes, grouping by same destruction dates.
  3. Submit Service Request to have new boxes picked up.
  4. Complete Transmittal Form, following instructions included in the file.
  5. Attach to file to confirmation email and send as Reply


Transmittal Form - Excel template

A complete set of instructions is provided on the Transmittal Form (last updated 4/13/18). Column headings contain notes that provide brief instructions, such as minimum and maximum character lengths for Major and Minor Description fields.

Always download the latest copy of the Transmittal Form. Keep a copy of your final completed Transmittal for your reference in retrieving boxes from storage.


Retrievals and Returns

KSU contracts with a commercial records and information management company to store impermanent, inactive (non-current) hard copy records. Our containers are tracked by use of barcode labels affixed to the outside of the box.

To retrieve your records for temporary re-use or review, simply complete an Offsite Storage Service Request, select “Retrieve boxes from storage,” and list the barcode label numbers of the boxes in the “Comments” field.

Boxes may be “checked out” of storage for up to 90 days, unless the records are related to an audit. In case of audit, please note “For an audit” in the “Comments” field, and we will extend the due date to 6 months.

Standard delivery time is one business day if the order is submitted by Noon. If your order is placed after the deadline, allow two business days.

To return boxes to storage, choose one of these methods:
1) Reply to the original confirmation email (sent from records2go) with a message in the body of the email indicating when and where the boxes can be picked up.
2) Complete a new Offsite Storage Service Request, select “Pick up boxes to return to storage,” and enter the barcode label numbers in the “Comments” field.

If the boxes are not returned to storage in 90 days, and no extension has been requested, they will be permanently removed from offsite storage inventory.

To return the boxes to storage after the 90 days has passed, treat them as new boxes - request and affix new barcode labels, and complete a new Transmittal Form (see above).