Retrieving and Returning Boxes

KSU contracts with a commercial records and information management company to store non-permanent, inactive (non-current) hard copy records. Our containers are tracked by barcode labels affixed to the outside of the box.

To retrieve your records for temporary re-use or review, complete the request on ServiceNow.

Boxes may be “checked out” of storage for up to 90 days. If the records are related to an audit, please note “For audit” in the “Comments” field, and we will extend the due date as needed.

Standard delivery time is one business day, if the order is submitted by Noon. If your order is placed after the deadline, allow two business days.

To return boxes to storage, please submit a new ticket on ServiceNow.

If the boxes are not returned to storage after 90 days, and no extension has been requested, they will be permanently removed from offsite storage inventory.

To return the boxes to storage after 90 days, treat them as new boxes - request and affix new barcode labels, and complete a new Transmittal Form.